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aarti r. shetty | creative director |





aarti is the in-house method to our madness. creative writing is second nature to this ardent disciple of etymological discoveries. after spending a decade walking the fine line between creative license and sticking to the agency brief, she has explored the nuances of online content, feature writing for web portals, curation of children’s books, songwriting, conceptualising and scripting web series, among her other curious escapades. she remains a reflexive problem-solver, who largely operates on common sense.

krishnaprasad.b  | founder | creative director |




simply known as kp, this is our ideator, creative thinker, reductionist designer, and a staunch believer of brands solving people problems. kp is a rare creative professional who straddles art direction and marketing strategy with equal ease (when he isn’t concocting delightful anecdotes or carving birds out of stray twigs). he is one to make brand communications an absolute joy, for he truly believes that designing a brand narrative is about designing conversations. his core currency is simplicity

wndmll collective | creative ecosystem |   




we are a collective with capabilities of furnishing results off a network that appreciates gig economy budgets. Our eye for spotting value has allowed us to build an ecosystem from years of working with tested resources. We pride ourselves in sourcing the right fit of talent and equipment. Be it for scripting, making a film, crafting a mentality, living a manifesto, or even napkin jotting business ideas from scratch. We will bring you the tools and the armoury needed for delivering delight.